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PhD vacancies within microbe-plant-insect interactions (posted 12/6/2017)


Plants are intimately associated with a diversity of beneficial microorganisms in their root zone, some of which can enhance the plant’s resistance to insect pests. Thus, the use of Microbe-induced Resistance (MiR) to reduce pest losses in agriculture has emerged as a highly promising possibility to improve crop resilience and reduce use of harmful pesticides. European companies have therefore started to develop and market beneficial microbes.
Our MiRA project announces 15 PhD positions in basic and applied research on context-dependency of MiR, mechanisms, and impacts on plant performance and other biocontrol organisms. We will use this understanding to improve our ability to predict the effectiveness of MiR under different conditions, to select plant and microbial strains with improved context-stability, and to develop better methods for the formulation of microbial inoculants and their application in agriculture

Find announcements here: http://mira.ku.dk or https://www.nature.com/naturejobs/science/jobs/630915-15-phd-positions-available-in-mira-an-innovative-training-network-itn-funded-by-the-european-union-s-horizon-2020-newcastle-neuchatel-wageningen-granada-utrecht-jena-schnega-berkel-en-rodenrijs-bonn-tours
Deadline for application: 14th January 2018


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