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The Freie Universität Berlin offers a Doctoral training position (posted April 1, 2018)
(limited to 3 years, 65 percent of a full-time employment)
Salary: Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L
Identifier: Host-parasite Interaction

The projects investigates the host-parasite interaction of unicellular fungi and their insect hosts and is lead by Dr. Renate Radek (http://rolffevolution.net/people/renate-radek/), part of the working group Evolutionary Biology of Prof. Dr. Jens Rolff. Renate Radek is a protozoologist who works primarily on parasitic and symbiotic protists of insects. In the project, different aspects of parasite and host will be studied such the parasites´ influence on the fitness of the host, the parasite life cycle and molecular phylogeny of the parasites.
Area of responsibility:
• Design and execution of experiments
• Working with living insects (cockroaches, beetles)
• Application of molecular biological, immunological and microscopical methods
• Statistical data analysis
• Writing Publications
• Background or interest in insect pathogens
• Experience in working with protists or fungi
• Basic knowledge of molecular phylogenetic methods and statistical data analysis
• very good spoken and written English
• Team and communication skills
• Independent working

The application should be sent as a single PDF file and includes: (1) a cover letter with a short statement of motivation, (2) a CV with information on research experiences and publications and (3) the names of two potential contacts as a reference.

Applications are accepted until April 16, 2018 and should include a cover letter describing motivations, research interest, relevant background and experience; curriculum vitae in tabular form; address of two referees; copies of certificates (Bachelor, Master, Diploma).

Please send your application to:
Dr. Renate Radek, Freie Universität Berlin, Institute of Biology/Zoology, Evolutionary Biology, Königin-Luise-Str. 1-3, 14195 Berlin, Germany, Tel.: 0049 30 83856373
e-mail: renate.radek@fu-berlin.de

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