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SIP2019 Valencia (joint conference with IOBC, July 28th-August 1rst, 2019):


The program will be joint and all symposium organizers should reach out to IOBC working group offices to jointly organize the events. Our contact at IOBC is Vladimir Puza (https://www.iobc-wprs.org/people/index.html#puza).


Proposed symposia:
1. Nematode Division: Nematode application, what, when, and how? (Ivan Hiltpold): Potential speakers: Ivan Hiltpold, David Shapiro-Ilan, Ralph-Udo Ehlers, Stefan Toepfer, and an addition researcher working in greenhouse applications.
2. Cross-divisional: Experimental design and statistics in invertebrate pathology (To be determined)
3. Nematode Division-IOBC join symposium: Slug and snail parasite nematodes (Jiri Nermut, convenor of the Slugs and Snails study group in IOBC)


Proposed Workshop: Bioinformatic tools for genomic and population genetics (Katrin Fitza)