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Topics/Theme: Bioinformatics, specificity/safety, structure/function of toxin domain relationships to support new insecticidal protein submissions especially in the region Tentative Title: Protein specificity and its impact on safety and resistance

Expected Outcomes
Engagement with key influencers
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Proposed speakers/titles:
General Topics
* Update on Bt nomenclature revisions
* Bacteria Division: Update on Wiki site on Bt and BPFTs.

Safety Topics:
* Structure/function and Domain-based specificity of new insecticidal proteins
* Updates on Cry51 domain-based specificity
* New proteins with CRW activity
* Evaluation of the safety of new proteins from a regulatory perspective
* Structure/function and Specificity of Parasporins

* ABC transporters and their involvement with Bt resistance
* Cry1F resistance in FAW and implications for Africa
* Vip 3A resistance in FAW and OWBW (H. armigera)
* Bt resistance in Australia: OR IRM strategies to reduce Bt resistance risk: The Australia example Bt and RNAi resistance in CRW