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Best Student Oral / Poster Presentation Awards

Best Oral Presentation: First place $300, Second place $200, Third place $100

Best Poster Presentation: First place $300, Second place $200, Third place $100

It is not necessary to submit an application to participate in the "Student Oral & Poster Presentation competition" during the SIP meeting. You must register for the meeting, submit an abstract labeled as student presentation and present your oral/poster presentation in person.

Students can only compete with one abstract for presentation awards (oral or poster). Students are welcome to submit more than one abstract to the meeting, but they should indicate which one goes into competition. So label only the one that will compete as student paper. Papers for which the student is not the presenter at the meeting should also not be labeled as student paper. (irrespective whether the scientific data were obtained by a student).

At the meeting:
1. Each presentation is evaluated by three judges.
2. Presentations are judged on a 100-point scale. Judges use the full range of points to evaluate and rank presentations. Criteria for ranking the presentations are based on scientific excellence and innovation of the research and on the ability of the student to communicate scientifically in oral or written form.

For both oral and poster presentations, a maximum of:
*60 points for the quality of the research work
*40 points for the quality of the presentation

3. The SIP Student Award Committee determines the winners based on scores and prizes are presented to the successful candidates at the SIP banquet.

Evaluation Criteria:
a) Quality of research: 
Are the results of significant value to the research community?
Is the project well designed to test the hypotheses?
Are the data produced sufficiently robust to be meaningful?
b) Presentation:
Does the presentation have a clear introduction, research description and conclusion?
Are graphics and figures simple, easily comprehended and clearly explained?
Does the student appear to have a good general understanding of the research discipline and specific topic?


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