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The SIP Golden Jubilee Early Career Award

The Council of the Society of Invertebrate Pathology has created an Early Career Scientist award to recognize outstanding contributions from invertebrate pathologists who are in the early stage of their scientific/academic career. The winner of this award will receive an official certificate that will be awarded at the Opening Ceremony of the Society’s Annual Meeting. For the Golden Jubiliee Meeting in San Diego/USA in August 2017, the SIP council has allocated $ 1250 (U.S. dollars) for this award.

Nominations for this award must be made by an active member of the Society of Invertebrate Pathology. Self-nominations are not accepted. However, if an early career scientist considers s/he is eligible, this person can ask an SIP member for the nomination.

The winner of this award will be expected to give a 20 min oral presentation, followed by a 5 min discussion during the Annual Meeting. The nominator (or the respective division chair) will be required to give a 3-5 minutes laudation to introduce the awardee. Overall this presentation will be scheduled in the scientific program with a duration of 30 minutes. The abstract for this presentation will be required to be submitted separately to the meeting organizing committee before the meeting’s deadline.

Early career scientists are eligible for this award if they meet the following requirements:

The deadline for submission of the nominations is January 20, 2017.

For nominations the submission form should be completed online and the following documents should be submitted as one single PDF: Applications for this award will be open November 15.



Procedure: Soon after the deadline the executive secretary will forward the nominations to the Chair of the Student Contest and Award Committee. A committee, consisting of the Members of the Award Committee, the President-Elect, the Past-President, and the Trustees of SIP, will evaluate and select the best candidate. The Chair of the Award Committee will contact the winner by March 1st and will verify the winner’s attendance at the forthcoming annual meeting of SIP.  Once the winner has accepted the award, all nominators will be informed by the Chair of the Award Committee.

Contact person: Monique van Oers (Chair, Student Contest and Awards Committee)



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