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Division Travel Awards / Martignoni Award

Students can apply for a Division travel award by submission of an application (see instructions below) for either an oral or poster presentation. Each division of the SIP has possibilities for travel awards that will be posted here at the end of the year.

Applications will be evaluated by judges from the appropriate division and all applicants will be informed when the decisions have been made (see deadlines below). Criteria for ranking the applications is primarily on scientific excellence and the ability of the students to communicate their science effectively in their application. Candidates with the highest ranking for an oral presentation, as determined by division judges, will also be considered for the Mauro Martignoni Award.

The Mauro E. Martignoni Student Award is the Society's premier award for student research. An award certificate and $1,500 will be presented at the Annual Meeting of SIP. The applicant is required to present the results of his/her research in an oral presentation at the meeting. The applicant who is selected for the Martignoni Award cannot receive another travel award in the same year and is eligible to receive the Martignoni Award only once during his/her student career.

Deadlines for submission will be on April 1, 2018. Committee decisions are made within one month. Awards of certificates and cash prizes will be handed over at the meeting, but cash awards can be provided in advance if funds are needed for travel (in that case contact sip@sipweb.org).


Division awards for 2018, Gold Coast, Australia.


To be announced.


Who can apply for a Student Travel Award and the Martignoni Award?


  • Applicants must be enrolled in a university degree program (BS, MS, PhD) or have graduated from a MSc or PhD program during the calendar year of the award presentation. Students who graduate (MSc or PhD) during the year of the meeting are still eligible for awards!
  • Applicants need NOT be a member of the SIP or of any Division sponsoring a travel award.
  • Award applicants must submit an abstract of their work and must present this work in person (oral or poster) at the Society's Annual Meeting.
  • Applications for all travel awards (both poster and oral presentations) should pertain to topics in invertebrate pathology and/or microbial/biological control.
  • Applicants should specify in which SIP Division they are applying for a travel award.
  • Applicants must provide an e-mail address for communication.
  • Each applicant is eligible to receive only one travel award per year.

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